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What Can You Expect

What Can You Expect

We pride ourselves in helping our patients make the right decision

Surgery Is Final Option

Before recommending surgery, we evaluate all other conservative options. There are often other ways to treat your condition, and we view surgery as the final option.

Communication With Your Doctor

We make sure to speak with the referring physician. It is vital that we learn everything about your prior treatments and all factors playing a role in your condition.

Detailed Questions

We work diligently to understand your condition and to help make the right choice. Without knowing how you feel and asking the right questions, it’s easy to miss important details.

Fantastic Office Staff

We treat our patients like family. Our goal is to create a family environment for our patients and staff alike. This philosophy ensures a positive experience for you and your loved ones.

Amazing Treatment After Surgery

Many surgeons forget about you after the procedure. Our group makes every effort to stay in touch with our patients. Treating patients like family is a matter of principle to us.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

The amazing advancements in surgical techniques enables our surgeon to be minimally invasive. This is extremely important to recovery and to maximize your return to normal activity.

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